Saturday, August 18, 2012

14th Stage photos

Biking in Denmark!

Picture taken while biking.....

Beer at the sun!

You see??? this is seaside in Denmark!

Smiling at the sun...the mood changed since landed in Denmark

13th stage photos

On the ferry boat...also a train on it

Crossing the Baltic Sea...towards Rodby n Denmark...happiness

12th stage photos

Ciao Meike, Thanks


Finally on the beach...

11th stage photos

Meeting Meike in Hamburg

Tunnel to cross the Elba river in Hamburg

Who knows what are they looking at

Backed potatoes for dinner!

10th stage photos

1000 km!

Lovely gardens...

9th stage photos

finally a sunny day

8th stage photos

Wrustel World champion in Hannover Munden

Crossing the river on a non motorized boat

The hardest night...due to rain, Andrea would have slept in the camping toilets

7th stage photos

Early Evening crazy moment on crazy horse

Mauro seems to be a bit surprised about the Weser river Landscape...

Horses resting, during one of the meal break (If I well remember we had an ice cream in that occasion)

6th stage photos

Medieval Festival In Eisenach 1

Medieval Festival In Eisenach 2
Medieval Festival In Eisenach 3

5th stage photos

 Wake up....and rain on the roof
 village on the road

4th stage photos

Heithere, as promised, and a bit later that expected...I Start to upload some pictures of the trip...hope you'll enjoy them!
 the first km of cycle path - L'inzio della pista ciclabile

 Lost....and looking for information...
 Mayonese Pizza... (Mauro is still dreaming of it)
Clothes the rain
Ciao ciao!