Saturday, July 12, 2014


the cloud generator (as the Jura mountains are defined by my friend Aurelio) this morning was not active in the morning and it was possible to have a ride today. The classic: Farges-Geneve-Freney Voltaire-Farges, famous among the professionals, in particular for the breakfast with coffee and pain-au-chocolat in Place Boug du Four in the old be precise, I can speak of a real PAIN (with English meaning) au chocolat: same taste of a sponge used to wash the dishes....deep sadness, but when you are starving...also a sponge can be food!
The journey was also the occasion to find a new bike workshop, where I booked a check-up for my bike next week. why do I say this? because I was so disappointed when the shop next to my village (Culture Velo, to be clear) refused to check my bike, because as they said: "we have a planning for the next month and we have no room for you"....ok...fair enough....if you were a famous heart surgeon with a list of people waiting for you I could accept it.
Bah ok, eventually I found this new shop that will help me...and ironically the owner is from Sweden ahahahahah! MIRACLE IN PAYS DE GEX!!

The official starting day of the West-to-East tour is approaching faster and faster (airplane is taking off the 27th)...I am really looking forward to leave!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Saturday morning workout

just a small report from the training centre of Farges. Saturday at 6.15 the alarm ringed (not necessary: the sleepless Andrea Polato was already awake...too excited)...small queen (free translation from the french "petite reine" for bike) was already in the trunk and after one hour drive stop on the lake of Annecy, to start the cycle road to Albertville. Weather was a bit wet at the start, but after some km sun showed off the clouds. All the way is on the old path of the train, so completely separated from the road, very nice.
At the arrival in albertville at 10 am, the champions' breakfast was already waiting for us: a warm coffee and a cold beer were there telling us like in "Alice in Wonderland": DRINK ME!. I didn't have the effects of the book (I didn't suddenly grow in size, or became as small as a mouse), but the first 10 km on the way back were a bit difficult to manage...
at our return at home, our personal trainer was waiting for us with a huge dish of Pasta al ragu that were watched by us in the same way a crusader would watch the Gral!
P.S. thanks to F&F for the journey proposed and for the super pasta :)