Monday, July 2, 2012

Introduzione - Introduction

ciao a tutti and welcome on the space where we are gonna write our notes during our holiday trip...
My name is Andrea Polato, and, in the picture on the right, I am the one standing and helping Mauro to ride his bike (picture taken from a workout during the winter).
I don't know why we came to this, but one day, mybe after drinking some beers, we said: "the 9th of July we will saddle our steel horses and we will start riding them from Munich to Copenhagen", and here we are: from Munich to Copenhagen by bike.
In reality for me the trip will start one day before with a first short stage from Farges in France to the railroad station of Geneve (about 30 km) where a train will take me on board. In Munich the team (me and Mauro) will finally join and the tour will start!

Here below some useful  information about the trip:
  • How many km per day are we gonna do?:..I don't know
  • And the total amount of km from munich to Copenhagen?...I don't know
  • Do we know where we are gonna stay when we are not on the bike?...No No
  • And which roads are we taking?...I don't know
that's all, for the moment! See you soon!

ah for the ones for whom the blog's title is not clear, it is a tribute to one of the movies that mostly influenced me and my generation. (
Ciao ciao!


  1. Poche idee ma chiare! Ahahah! Divertitevi :)

  2. bravi!!!!!