Friday, July 4, 2014


paul butterfield - East West

Dear Blog readers,
cobramcuppers are back in style again!
the reference of the video explains all: this year. after one summer of absence from the big journeys, new flags will be sticked on the !
The plan is ambitious: starting from the land which gave the birth to Stephen Roche, the team (always me and Mauro) will cross England, and disembark in Europe and will reach Berling via Nederland.
The idea is to follow part of the Eurovelo2 the moment the planning is limited to one way ticket to Dublin and a google maps page, describing the km to ride.. google map: 1648 km, plus the additional Mcflurry extra miles, I think we will arrive close to 2000 km!
So, stay tuned from the 27th of July for the updates!
See you!

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