Thursday, August 7, 2014

utrecht 7th of August - trip is over

Hei there,
I am sorry for the the terrible blogging activity, but this year there were not so many available free connections.
Before describing our days through England and Wales...I have to say that the 9th of August my journey will be over....some problems to my knee and my ankle don't allow me to carry on the trip...I am very very very sad for this, because the journey to harwich has been great....but honestly I don't feel it would be a good decision to carry on in these conditions, also considering the tough days ahead with still nearly 1000 km to ride and, in september, an house moving to sort out.
well, in this moment I am not in the mood to talk to you about the trip made, I will post it once I will be back in Farges and I will recover a bit (I think that first of all some rest is necessary...I will also go to some doctors to see if it is possible to do something, since it is the second time that my ankles are soring)....
I have a plane to Geneva the 9th of August from Brussels. Tomorrow I will take a train from Utrecht and after a night in the airport I will pack my bike and take off.

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