Thursday, July 24, 2014

1st-transfer: Farges-Padova

Early to bed, early to be in line with this sentence, I spent almost the whole night know that I am bit emotional for this things and my reaction is:  laying in the bed, with eyes opened all night long..normal? I don't know, but that's it.
First surprise at the final tightening of the suitcases: the camera died...the problem was quickly fixed. It is incredible but the the best tool to repair broken stuff today is the credit card. A new camera will be the witness of the trip, and the owner of the shop where I bought it is now counting euros in his pocket.
Second surprise in Geneve it was not raining this morning, I cannot tell the same thing of Venezia at the landing...pouring rain that soaked the box of the bike (not good because it started to be opened on all sides..). In this case to fix the problem I am not gonna use the credit card, but some tape that will wrap the paperboard box hopefully until my arrival in Dublin. Tomorrow everything will be fixed.

Before leaving I had a coffee with some people at of them is Irish and he warmly suggested to wear a raincoat or a scuba suit, once in Ireland...ehm ehm ehm....I guess he wanted to communicate me something, but I hardly understand what he meant...wait and see always keeping in mind:
 Thanks to Piero and his super Honda Jazz (you can see it in the picture with its mouth opened soon after having puked the box out of its huge trunk)

 for the lift to the Geneva Airport and mia Su-Rella who came to pick me up in Venice...and found me in great shape offending in  the order:
- the weather;
- the airport crew who handled the bike as it was a dead whale
- the pavement (too narrow for the bike)
- the weather again
- the car whose seats were not already in the right position to host the bike
- the parking gates which were closed and I had to run to the counter to pay the parking price....
I am sorry for that

As I said in the beginning: early to bed, early to rise :)

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