Sunday, July 20, 2014

Loris Batacking capuffizo Packing!

less than one week to the departure. Precisely on Thursday a plane will take me from Geneve to Padova. I have not been working out my bike for one week because of some time spent in the workshop (thanks Bikes & Buddies  website) and some rest necessary for my legs before the tour.
Today, Sunday the afternoon was dedicated to the packing of the whole bike for the trip...not trivial, I have to confess...and more than that, I am not sure of what I will discover when I will open the box at my arrival in Dublin, after two flights click on me!...I hope that the result won't be a bike pot-pourry! I just cross my fingers and pray that the aerport operators will handle with care!
Here below some images of the packing....fortunately photos hide sounds...otherwise you could hear also the amount of swears said while working on the box!

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